Welcome to Rise From the Ashes!

Family law matters can be very challenging even under the best of circumstances. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of a looming legal matter while simultaneously managing other priorities such as the needs of your family, the demands of a job, financial concerns, and the emotional turmoil of life changing transitions. It’s normal to be unsure of which direction to take or what decisions would best serve all your interests. Especially for those new to family law matters, it can be helpful to have an objective, experienced perspective as you try to make sense of the legal processes that are suddenly so important to you and your family.

Podcast Creator, Susan Mundahl

Family law expert and practicing attorney for over 30 years, Susan Mundahl, along with moderator David Braddock developed this podcast as way to make important but often confusing legal information more accessible to families and individuals. A divorce or other family law matter can make you feel like your world is in flames, but flames don’t have to mean destruction. Susan founded her family law firm, Mundahl Law, PLLC, in 2011, using the symbol of the Phoenix as her logo. Like the legendary bird that ascends from the cinders of troubled times, Susan has dedicated her life to assisting people and their families move through difficult endings into better beginnings. This podcast is an extension of that work. Her goal is to help people feel more empowered throughout their journey in family court by discussing the basic processes that they are going through in a clear and practical way.

These podcasts are an ongoing work in progress as we endeavor to cover many of the most essential and common topics in family law. We hope to provide something for everyone, whether you are already in the midst of a family law matter or still deciding what to do. If you don’t see a topic that relates to your situation, please be sure to check back. We’ll be doing our best to get as many topics covered as we can while the site develops and grows. If there is a topic that you’d like to hear covered in a future episode, we welcome your suggestions. If you like our podcast and want to support us, please leave us a review on iTunes as that helps us to keep making more episodes.

An important note: This podcast site is only intended to used as an educational tool and we are only sharing basic legal information. It should not be considered as a replacement for advice from qualified family law professional in regards to your specific case. When in doubt, please contact a qualified attorney in your area.

If you are seeking family law counsel in the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities, you can contact Susan’s firm, Mundahl Law, PLLC by visiting our website: www.MundahlLaw.com