Conversations about matters of the family, because family matters.

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Rise from the Ashes is a conversation covering the most essential and common topics in family law, making important but often confusing information more accessible to families and individuals.

There are also a few podcast topics about letting go, moving on and new beginnings, as well as some episodes with attorneys who explain some of the issues families may be facing with estate and probate law.

Listen as host David Braddock moderates discussion with Susan Mundahl and the Mundahl Law legal team. Susan is a family law expert and practicing attorney for over 30 years.

This podcast is only to inform and help to understand legal and personal issues as the relate to family law. It should not be considered as a replacement for a family law attorney—when in doubt please contact a professional!

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63 Cohabitation & Property Division

For those couples who for reasons of their own have decided not to get married, but still want to acquire things during their time together. Just as in the dissolution of many marriages when people can decide to go their separate ways, and they would later like to divide some of these things in the fairest way possible. This podcast episode, guided by attorney Susan Mundahl, looks at the statute that clears up any confusion having to do with what was formerly known as “Palimony,” as she gives helpful instructions on how to safeguard the ownership of such property so that fewer conflicts may occur.