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32 Parental Responsibility Options

There are times when a family may need to authorize a third party adult to care for their children.  This could be if the parent(s) need to travel away from home, or if a more serious situation comes up and they can’t be there.  This podcast episode very clearly outlines the basic elements for some of these alternatives and how getting the advice from an attorney can help.

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31 Spousal Support

There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding spousal maintenance or spousal support, sometimes known as alimony.  As is so common in legal situations, many well meaning people have their 2 cents to offer based on their personal experiences or those of someone they know, but this can lead to unnecessary fear or making decisions that may not be in your best interest. This topic can become a bit complicated, so this episode explains several of the determining factors for deciding spousal support.

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30 Transgender Issues & Family Law

Transgender folks face a lot of challenges as they come out, beyond just the reactions of their family and social circle. There are also a host of legal issues that can come up that might not be initially anticipated, including family law issues. This episode explores an overview of some of the basic dynamics of family law as it may concern the transgender community.

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29 Custody & Parenting Time for Unmarried Couples

When a couple with children break up, questions about custody, parenting time, and the welfare of their children become of primary importance. From a legal standpoint, these issues can be more complicated if the couple was never legally married. This episode of the podcast will address these concerns and look at the specific legal statutes that support each parent, whether legally married or not.

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28 Settling an Estate Without a Will

When a loved one or family member passes away, life can become difficult enough, let alone not having the instructions of a will to help in settling their affairs.  In this podcast episode, an experienced estate law attorney looks at in and outs of the probate process and the advantages of having a will prepared over not having one when heading to court to settle an estate.

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27 Dividing Property for Unmarried Couples

Depending on the length of time a couple was together, the things they’ve acquired can become an important issue when the time may come for them to split-up.  This episode discusses property division for unmarried couples, a topic less well defined legally.

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26 Cost of Reassurance

For most people, the expense involved in a family law case can be difficult enough to manage without any unnecessary extras.  As emotions run high, it's easy to want to contact your attorney for clarification, updates, or simply to vent about your soon-to-be ex. However, this will quickly spike your legal bill and, in reality, some issues the attorney is simply not the most qualified person to assist you with.  In this episode, attorneys share tips on how to keep your legal costs down by minimizing calls and contacts that are not strictly procedural on your case.

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25 Co-Parents & Alcohol

The statistics for mothers and fathers daily use of alcohol just to cope with the stress of co-parenting is, excuse the term - sobering.  This podcast explores legal implications when one parent or the other is dealing with the difficulties of alcoholism or addiction.

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24 Don’t Trust Your Ex

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Of all the people in life that a person would like to trust to have their best interests in mind, during or after a divorce, it turns out, your Ex – Spouse, Partner, etc. is not usually one of them.  This episode explores some of the main ways you can protect yourself and make sure that you and your family's best interests are being properly represented.

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23 Step Parent Adoption

One of the most joyful things that families can experience is when a step parent makes the major transition to becoming a child’s adoptive parent.  In this podcast you’ll learn about the three basic steps in this legal process.  It’s both informative and heartwarming to see how the adoptive procedure can help to make a family whole.  It also briefly addresses how this process may apply to LGBTQA+ relationships.

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