In Minnesota, over 80% of divorces are now done without an Attorney. This is due to rising inflation and the shift from an attorney being a necessity to that of a luxury. That along with generational shifts of values and how folks want to proceed with their divorce (more couples are choosing to part amicably), and of course, the rise of google university available to everyone. However, with over 33 years of Family Law and Divorce experience, Attorney Susan Mundahl, has seen so many people come into the office deeply unhappy with the divorce decrees that they agreed to during their self-represented divorce.

So Mundahl Law has created and launched the Do-It-Yourself Divorce workshop. It is aimed at helping couples who want to part amicably and want to side-step all the extra legal fees but want some clearer instructions on how to walk away with a divorce they can live with. In this episode, Susan describes the 4 modules of the workshop and what they cover.

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