69 Get Your Documents to the Attorney

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Not having much, if any direct experience in legal matters, many people do not realize the necessity of getting their important papers to their lawyer as soon as possible. This episode features Associate Attorney, Katy Boyle who explains some of the guidelines and deadlines that are imperative to a court of law in order to properly benefit a person’s legal case. A ‘smoking gun’ document won’t do any good if it hasn’t been evaluated by an attorney to be used correctly so it can be at court in a timely manner.

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66 Child Support & Parenting Time

66 Child Support & Parenting Time

Certain laws in the state of Minnesota are due to be changed as January 2023.  These specific laws have to do with an adjustment in the amount some parents will be obligated to pay.  In this podcast episode, attorney Susan Mundahl, explains some of these changes as well as directing listeners to the online resources for calculating the child support specifically to a family’s current situation.