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37 Property Division 101

Most people are aware that in a divorce, a common goal should be to divide the couple’s property 50/50. However with the variety of things modern couples own, it’s not always that easy. This podcast looks at the way an experienced attorney can assist in making sure things are divided “Fair and Equitably.”

27 Dividing Property for Unmarried Couples

Depending on the length of time a couple was together, the things they’ve acquired can become an important issue when the time may come for them to split-up. This episode discusses property division for unmarried couples, a topic less well defined legally.

10 Property – What’s Marital or Non-Marital?

Having to divide up property and possessions is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of divorce. But unlike your favorite country music song may have you believe, your spouse doesn't get to take everything. In this podcast episode, an attorney discusses the distinctions between marital and non-marital property, and what happens to both during a divorce, including the process of equitably dividing marital property.

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