67 Introducing Attorney, Katy Boyle

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Having recently come on board, we’re happy to welcome Attorney, Katy Boyle to the legal team at Mundahl Law.  In this podcast episode, Ms. Boyle not only introduces herself and some of her professional background, but she also goes into the kind of legal matters that she specializes in.  These of course would include family law cases such as, divorce, child custody and third-party custody.  But, she also assists in contested probate and guardianship matters.   As Katy explains; the emotional situations that can arise in in these interpersonal relationships between family members, often require the ability to help them to communicate and listen to each other more effectively.  We also take a few moments to hear about some of Katy’s personal life and her devotion to her own family.

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66 Child Support & Parenting Time

66 Child Support & Parenting Time

Certain laws in the state of Minnesota are due to be changed as January 2023.  These specific laws have to do with an adjustment in the amount some parents will be obligated to pay.  In this podcast episode, attorney Susan Mundahl, explains some of these changes as well as directing listeners to the online resources for calculating the child support specifically to a family’s current situation.