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37 Property Division 101

Most people are aware that in a divorce, a common goal should be to divide the couple’s property 50/50. However with the variety of things modern couples own, it’s not always that easy. This podcast looks at the way an experienced attorney can assist in making sure things are divided “Fair and Equitably.”

36 Name, Identity & Gender Changes

It’s not uncommon within a divorce process for at least one of the people involved to have their name changed. When someone has proceeded with a gender change, it’s also a likelihood they’ll want to change their name. In this podcast episode, an attorney experienced in the field of these kinds of identity changes will clarify the the legal process, as well as point out the various important departments and agencies to be notified for a smoother transition.

35 Be Nice

Be Nice! It's something that we say to our children but the power of this simple statement can often be forgotten in the adult world, especially during a divorce. However, being civil with your spouse during your divorce can save you quite a bit of time, money, and emotional hardship. This podcast outlines then modifies some of the strategies of the well-known, “Four Agreements.” Since divorce can many times bring out the worst in us, this refreshing look at these ideas will hopefully alter the experience to go much, much better.

34 Pre-Trial

Most Attorneys will tell you from experience, that trial should always be avoided, whenever and wherever possible. It comes at an immense cost, both in money and emotional distress, and the power of making the final decision is taken out of the hands of the people it will impact most. This desire to settle a case rather than continuing into the detailed process of a trial is even shared by the Court itself. That’s why the Pre-Trial process is so important. This episode describes the basic pre-trial process and how it may be the most effective way to achieve an amicable settlement for everyone involved.

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33 Less-Stress Divorce

The traditional picture of divorce is a messy and painful affair where people who once loved each other proceed to tear each other apart. But just as no two marriages are alike, and neither are divorces. Many of us understand that our marriage may have come to an end but that doesn't mean that we don't still value and appreciate our spouse. In this day and age, it truly is possible to consciously separate from a marriage and peacefully, even amicably, decide the terms of how to move forward.
The traditional divorce path can be expensive, lengthy and damaging in more ways than one. But there may be a much better path forward. It is for this reason that we have developed the "Less-Stress Divorce," an easier and less-costly way to divorce.

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31 Spousal Support

There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding spousal maintenance or spousal support, sometimes known as alimony. As is so common in legal situations, many well meaning people have their 2 cents to offer based on their personal experiences or those of someone they know, but this can lead to unnecessary fear or making decisions that may not be in your best interest. This topic can become a bit complicated, so this episode explains several of the determining factors for deciding spousal support.

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27 Dividing Property for Unmarried Couples

Depending on the length of time a couple was together, the things they’ve acquired can become an important issue when the time may come for them to split-up. This episode discusses property division for unmarried couples, a topic less well defined legally.

19 Why Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce?

Couple yelling at each other

It's fairly common nowadays for folks to choose to represent themselves during their divorce, at least initially, often in an attempt to save money or because they feel they can handle their ex better on their own. This episode discusses the common pitfalls of self-representation and why hiring a professional to represent you during such an emotional transition can actually save you time, money, and definitely save you unnecessary stress.

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17 What's an ICMC?


When a petition for divorce gets filed with the Court, that begins the official legal process. The first step in the Court's process is for both parties and their attorneys to meet with the Court and state the basic facts of the marriage and soon-to-be divorce. This meeting is called an Initial Case Management Conference, or an ICMC. This episode of the Podcast describes how an ICMC helps to begin the process of dividing lives (and property) and can lead to effective resolution alternatives, and ultimately to a more amicable divorce.

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10 Property – What’s Marital or Non-Marital?

Having to divide up property and possessions is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of divorce. But unlike your favorite country music song may have you believe, your spouse doesn't get to take everything. In this podcast episode, an attorney discusses the distinctions between marital and non-marital property, and what happens to both during a divorce, including the process of equitably dividing marital property.

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